Immigration policy matters

America needs an immigration policy that’s good for citizens and immigrants. Every successive wave of newcomers has made our country better; and, we still welcome people who come here as long as they share our values and respect our laws.

The Plan for the Counterattack

Get the vital new book from America Matters Executive Director Jim Hanson. The Woke Left is trying to fundamentally transform this country into something the Founders wouldn’t even recognize. This book is the plan to stop that and return us to the principles that make us free, safe and prosperous.

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The Myth of White Fragility

The Woke Left is calling America a White Supremacist country and all White people racists. How did we get to here and more importantly, how can we get out of this mess. The first step is to understand this neo-racism and fight back against it. This book will teach you how.

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