By James Middlebrook

On March 15th, a seminar on “Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) – A Culturally Sanctioned Trauma: Intervention and Treatment in the U.S. and Europe” was held in New York City. This incredibly important seminar was attended by a variety of healthcare experts, including mental health professionals. America Matters’ own James Middlebrook was there to learn how many survivors live with a lifetime of trauma as a result of this brutal act.

The two presenters were Joanna Vergoth, LCSW, NCPsyA and Carly Boyer, MD. Joanna Vergoth is a psychotherapist in private practice, both in Chicago and New York City, and has worked with clients presenting with a variety of severe trauma histories. Carl Boyer, MD practiced as a primary care physician for twenty years before training as a Jungian psychoanalyst. He has a private practice in psychoanalysis and psychopharmacology in Manhattan.

When empowering survivors, it’s important to provide resources for trauma recovery. America Matters stands committed to helping survivors of FGM heal.