American Muslims come from very different backgrounds, different countries, with a variety of cultures and customs. Part of what makes America great for Muslims is the rich tradition of plurality. This gives Muslim Americans the space and freedom to practice their faith.

While this freedom is guaranteed to all Americans, the Muslim community struggles against a monolithic interpretation of Islam. For example, it’s not true that being Muslim means you have to cover your hair or that you cannot choose your own path in life. But when only one version of Islam is pushed in the mainstream, that version is then pushed onto the Muslim community.

For American Muslims, the best way to continue to strengthen the Muslim community is by embracing and protecting American values. Here’s how we do that:

  • Protecting freedom of religion by protecting Muslims in minority sects, including Ahmadiyya Muslims.
  • Championing freedom of speech by fostering open dialogue in our communities and on social media.
  • Ensuring the separation of church and state in the mosque by speaking out when mosques and imams preach politics from the pulpit.