By James Middlebrook

Americans have prided themselves on hard work since the dawn of our nation. Labor Day celebrates the American worker and our collective work ethic.

Yet, this holiday is about so much more than just punching in and out of the clock each day. Here in America we admire people who earn an honest living, strive for future goals, and make better lives for themselves generation after generation. Our commitment to excellence and tireless drive has built the most advanced nation in history. It also lets us pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, hold on to the belief that anything is possible with focus and dedication, and allows us to achieve The American Dream. Labor Day truly celebrates all that is possible with our core American Values.

So, enjoy the barbecue, the sun, and the pool today. Celebrate your accomplishments over the last year and focus on what’s ahead. More importantly, take time to appreciate the labor, spirit of innovation and commitment, and core values that makes America strong.