America Matters is an advocacy organization

dedicated to safeguarding the American way of life.


 Life, Liberty 
 and the Pursuit 
 of Happiness 

These founding principles are American values and they endure into the future as a source of pride for the American People.
America has led the way in promoting individual liberty and prosperity, and advancing the rights of all people.

It’s What’s

America is infused with freedoms, vibrancy, and life that make us the Shining City on a Hill as noted by Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

A place where all of us — based on our ability, effort, and content of our character — can achieve our dreams.

American values include diversity and the fabric of our nation is stronger due to the many threads it includes; it is powerful; it promotes change. As the American people move forward, these values must continue to be at the core of American life.

What Matters to Us


Seeking safety and security for our families, our communities, and ourselves is universal. This makes national security one of the most important functions of our government. America Matters believes thoughtful diplomacy coupled with effective national defense provides the best strategy for securing an American way of life.

American Values

The words on the Statue of Liberty read, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” This call comes with the implicit requirement that to join our society people must share our values by supporting the Constitution, laws of this country, and its values.


Those who have served our country in uniform deserve the highest level of care and support once they return to civilian life. America Matters is dedicated ensuring policies and programs are worthy of their sacrifices and service.


Providing quality education is vital to the continued strength and prosperity of our country. It is essential that the next generations receive the knowledge and skills they need to succeed and we must ensure equal opportunities in education to allow them to do so.