In an intimate interview, Shireen Qudosi joins Jamie Glazov on The Glazov Gang to discuss American Muslim challenges. In what is one of the most thoughtful ‘lifting of the veils’ to understand American Muslim free thinkers, Shireen explores poignant themes including:

  • How The Women’s March leadership under Linda Sarsour fails the spirit of the march.
  • The special role women have today.
  • The challenges of being heard as a Muslim free thinker — even in the United States.
  • How growing up in Pakistan shaped her appreciation for American values.
  • How American Muslims have a duty to speak up for oppressed Muslims around the world.
  • The unifying goal we can all join in as we move forward.

Everyday American Muslims, who love our country and choose to be American first, struggle to be heard in a sea of voices. Watch Shireen fight to be heard among her peers in a Fox First 100 Days segment with host Martha MacCallum.