The United States of America has always been the land of opportunity and welcoming new people is still vital to strengthening the fabric of our nation. Each successive wave of immigrants has brought the energy, dreams, and diversity that make America a better and stronger place for all of us.

The American people ask one thing in return: Those who come here share the American Values that guarantee freedom and liberty for everyone.

The core values that make America possible started with our nation’s founding and have been modernized to ensure they protect and bolster all members of society. When we embrace the American way of life, we embrace these values:

  • All people are equal and cannot be discriminated against for any characteristic
  • Freedom of speech may not be limited even if it offends
  • Freedom to practice a religion, or not, is a personal choice
  • All are free to live as they wish as long as they do no harm to others
  • Our Constitution is the law of the land
  • Our laws apply equally to all individuals
  • Religious or cultural practices must respect our values and our laws
  • Service to our neighbors, communities, and country strengths and unites us

The video below celebrates the 240th anniversary of these building blocks of liberty and points toward how they will help the American people create an even better future.

OUR ISSUESWhat Matters to Us


Seeking safety and security for our families, our communities and ourselves is universal; and one of the most important aspects of our lives. America Matters believes thoughtful diplomacy coupled with effective national defense provides the best solution.

American Values

The Statue of Liberty says, “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” This call comes with the requirement that to live here people must share our values by supporting the Constitution and laws of this country.


Those who have served our country in uniform deserve the highest level of care and support once they return to civilian life. America Matters is dedicated to ensuring this through active engagement to provide policies and programs worthy of their sacrifices and service.


Providing quality education is vital to the continued strength and prosperity of our country. It is essential that the next generations receive the knowledge and skills they need to succeed and we must ensure equal opportunities in education to allow them to do so.


Trump didn’t win but Democrats did cheat

The Bottom Line Up Front? They found very little evidence of fraud but significant evidence of illegal and unlawful voting and voting operations.

Twitter bias & censorship must end

witter has a lot of faults, but the most destructive one is their bias. They operate as a propaganda arm of the Woke Left. They claim otherwise but their actions constantly betray them with blatant discrimination.

The Myth of White Fragility

The Woke Left is calling America a White Supremacist country and all White people racists. How did we get to here and more importantly, how can we get out of this mess. The first step is to understand this neo-racism and fight back against it. This book will teach you how.

The Plan for the Counterattack

Get the vital new book from America Matters Executive Director Jim Hanson. The Woke Left is trying to fundamentally transform this country into something the Founders wouldn't even recognize. This book is the plan to stop that and return us to the principles that make us free, safe and prosperous.

Hope in the New Year

America Opens Up Again

Easing the Emotional Strain of the Coronavirus

Mentally preparing ourselves now for the upcoming challenges will help us handle the impacts of the coronavirus, that include: limiting individual exposure; making plans in case we or loved ones are exposed or diagnosed; and, keeping realistic about the size and scope of the pandemic.

G7 Summit 2019

Who Is At Risk?


FGM has no health benefits

FGM – The Numbers

Five Types of FGM

What is FGM?

DOJ speaks out on FGM