The Great American Road Trip

By Kylla Benes

Summer road trips are as American as apple pie. Since just after World War II, with the availability of affordable cars and an expanding highway system, summer road trips have been a rite of passage for American youth and annual traditions for American families for generations. Their persistent popularity may lie in the fact that road trips embody many core American values. On the road feelings of freedom, independence, and adventure cannot be ignored.

Some may argue The Great American Road Trip is a cross-country journey, a trip that takes you to every National Park, or a drive to see our nation’s most sacred spaces. But The Great American Road Trip isn’t actually about the distance or destination. It’s about connecting to the feelings that remind us of our core American values. It’s about seeing the diversity of spaces and faces that make up the fabric of this great country. It’s about disconnecting from the daily grind and re-connecting to those you are travelling with — be it family, friends, or just yourself.

So this summer, pack up your car, open a map (or not), and discover the America that lies on the open road beyond the borders of your home town.


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