By James Middlebrook

On Veteran’s Day, we take a moment to honor our veterans and the sacrifices they have made for our freedom. There are many great organizations that help veterans deal with the many challenges they face as they acclimate back into civilian life. One organization worthy of praise is the Code of Support Foundation.

Code of Support Foundation (COSF) is an organization dedicated to providing essential and critical one-on-one assistance to struggling service members, veterans, and their families. COSF helps veterans navigate the bureaucracy of government to get the aid they deserve. They also work to educate the American people about the service and sacrifice of our military and their families. Most people want to help but they may not know how. COSF enables caring citizens to get involved and help veterans.

Code of Support Foundation has partnered with Levi’s to raise money for veterans. For every person that signs the Code of Support, Levi’s will donate $1 now through Veteran’s Day. You can sign the Code of Support here:


Code of Support Foundation is also the beneficiary of the musical event Johnny Vet: Freedom Isn’t Free in Alexandria, VA happening Nov 18. The event is a dynamic and inspirational musical journey of the men and women who have fought the nation’s wars and how those same men and women, as veterans, have helped to shape the nation and its destiny. Tickets are available at:

As someone that has never served, I can never truly understand the sacrifices our veterans have made in peacetime and war. However, I do understand the sacred duty civilians have to adequately care for our service members and veterans. We could all do more to give back to those who have given so much. This Veteran’s Day, support American heroes. Sign the Code of Support and/or attend Johnny Vet: Freedom isn’t Free, because Service Matters.