Today marks the 76th anniversary of the December 7th, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. It’s important, that as each year passes, we still take a moment to honor the 2,403 Americans who died and the 1,178 who were wounded. The sacrifices of the G.I. Generation, who gave their youth to fight tyranny and save the world from fascism, should never be forgotten. On this Pearl Harbor Day, everyone at America Matters is grateful for their service and sacrifice.



Today is also a time to contemplate how to combat the threats America faces from adversaries. In the case of the early 1940s, as American officials tried to curtail Imperial Japan’s aggressive activity in Asia with diplomatic solutions, we were blindly attacked. There are still lessons to be learned from World War II: appeasement decisions, diplomatic strategies, the value of alliances, and reconstruction responsibilities. By using these lessons, we can better understand World War II, and how we can situate America’s role and security in the world today.



A revered day in American History, Pearl Harbor Day will forever be honored by generations to come.