What’s on America Matter’s radar this week?

We are tracking the efforts to fund the military, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, free speech on social media platforms, Georgia Senate Runoff elections, and reopening schools across America.

NDAA Funding

$740B National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) set for a vote this week while President Trump threatens a veto over lack of reform to Section 230 and removal of Confederate namesakes of military bases.

Should he sign the defense funding bill?

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Dec. 7 is the 79th anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Today, we remember all those lost during the surprise attack.

Fighting For Free Speech

The public square has gone digital and it’s time we reevaluate how information is shared in America. The current relationship between consumers and Big Tech unsustainable. Consumers need broader protections to put us on more equal footing.

Georgia Runoff

Gov. Kemp calls for a signature audit of presidential ballots where just 12,284 votes separate President Trump & Joe Biden.

Today is the last day to register to vote in Georgia where Repub Sens. Perdue & Loeffler face off against Dems Ossoff & Warnock on Jan 5.

Keeping Schools Open

The CDC recommends keeping schools open, while districts across the country continue to keep schools closed and teach online. America’s largest school district, New York City, ends in person teaching due to rising coronavirus rates. But is online fatigue leading to failing grades? In Fairfax County, Virginia’s largest school system, Fs are up 83% this year.