Get Based

Jim Hanson just released his third book “Get Based“. This guide to positive living can help you find the base you need to maximize your enjoyment of our world. 

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Based is a lifestyle of individual liberty paired with personal responsibility. We are all free to live as we wish: Based is respecting yourself enough to live WELL. Do things that make you stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. Don’t live your life concerned what the Woke mob or the state or anyone else thinks is best. You be You. Based is a personal and professional and even political philosophy if you want it to be. Are you catching the idea yet? Based is what you say it is. This book is about how I Based my life, it can help you figure out how to Base yours.

So what are you waiting for Get Based!


Jim Hanson served in the U.S. Army Special Forces and deployed to more than a dozen countries. He now focuses on the fight to defeat the forces of Wokeness. Jim was recently named Executive Director of America Matters an advocacy group for the values that built this great country.

He is a sought-after commentator who has appeared on FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, One America News, and Voice of America. He has been published in USA Today, Fox News Opinion, The Washington Times, The Federalist, Human Events, and many other publications. Jim is the author of Winning the Second Civil War: Without firing a shot, The Myth of White Fragility and Cut Down the Black Flag- a Plan to Defeat ISIS.


Winning the Second Civil War: Without Firing a Shot

In 2021 Republic book published Jim’s warning to act now before our Republic is destroyed. The Woke Left is trying to fundamentally transform this country into something the Founders wouldn’t even recognize. This book is the plan to stop that and return us to the principles that make us free, safe and prosperous.

Author Jim Hanson discusses the book with James Middlebrook


America’s long-running internal Cold War is heating up and our way of life hangs in the balance. Free speech, personal liberty, and the minds and future of our children are what’s at stake. We can’t afford to sit on the sidelines and hope it doesn’t affect us.

The Left’s new ideology of Wokeness backed by their weapon of cancel culture aims at controlling our lives.  But it’s just Socialism with a flashy new brand. Whatever they call it, most of us don’t want to live in the dystopia of George Orwell’s 1984.

The fight is for our communities, schools, families, jobs,

and most importantly

the survival of our constitutional republic.

We must launch a counterattack in this war of ideas before it turns into a war for real. Antifa & BLM got a pass for a year of riots and insurrection in 2020. Now the Left wants to criminalize conservatism by smearing all of us on the Right as White Supremacists and insurrectionists after an afternoon riot. Somehow dissent is only patriotic when they do it. WRONG and we need to respond to their attacks using all the tools the Constitution gave us.

This book is a battle plan on the current state of the conflict and how to:

  • Never cave to the Woke Mob — Speak Out and don’t let them censor you
  • Get your kids out of their Leftist schools & build better ones
  • Don’t patronize businesses that despise you
  • Hold the BLM/Antifa insurrectionists accountable- One set of rules for all
  • Get in the politics & culture game— Organize, Show Up & Vote!

The Myth of White Fragility

You can also check out Jim’s book “The Myth of White Fragility” which debunks the Critical Race Theory and anti-racist movements. The solution to problems for the Black community is not to simply blame Systemic Racism and not look at other root causes . We all should want Black people in America to thrive but calling all White people racist is not the solution. It’s a form of racism itself.

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