Freedom of Speech + Freedom of Choice

𝕏’s policy is Freedom of Speech not Reach. They choose to limit controversial content by refusing to promote it. Unfortunately, this is just the Twitter 1.0 policy of thought and tone policing with a catchy new slogan. The better option is Freedom of Speech + Freedom of Choice. Let users decide what content they want to see or avoid.

The Free X Alliance aims to ensure operative free speech on Twitter and other platforms.

The current system limits accounts and tweets from being promoted even if they don’t violate the Terms of Service (TOS) but are deemed unsavory in some way. X has a legitimate interest in a platform that is not a Wild West of rude and crude content. But it becomes too subjective when filtering goes beyond incitement to violence and fighting words to hiding mean tweets. This causes Twitter to screen out content people actually want to see.

Content moderation is necessary but beyond obvious violations it’s much better to let users make those calls. This takes X out of the decision loop for what is good or bad. Make the user Boss of their own experience. Plus, Community Notes is highly effective as a reality check so less top-down control of content is needed.

Now that X is actively courting content creators, it is vital they can trust that their work will get the distribution it deserves. They can’t afford to have their effort and energy and even livelihood disappear from view because they said something a bit too spicy for some.

Let engagement drive promotion and empower users to filter and feed manage their own accounts.

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